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Information is

21st Century Oil

Less than 3% of your visitors will buy from you. But you can earn a lot from the remaining 97%.
From what they do not do and they way they do you can collect valuable information for your business.

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a well of


You can understand, for each item or category, where are your visitors from, when they are most active and for WHEN I mean hour of the day, day of the week and day of the month.
Items where you are most or less competitive, and emerging trends.

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A complete set of options

No setup required

You do not need to do anything, but it works. Immediately.

Complete Info

We squeeze every drop of (legal) information from your visitor's browser.

Big Data

Knowing these info can be a mere curiosity, but once consolidated can be source of inspiration for your business: current and also future.

3D Charts & Maps

Data are processed and shown on advanced 2D/3D Charts to extract useful information in a glance.

More Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more

Browser's Mine

From Browser we can collect info like browser type, language, screen size and resolution, duration of the visit, returning visitor or new and more

Internet's Mine

From the system we can collect info like Date and Time of the visit, IP address of Visitor, thus Country, Area, Zip Code, Latitude and Longitude

Raw Data Power

The charts you see here are only few of most common way to aggregate the data: but unlike other, we allow you to export Raw data and use them for any kind of analysis.

Simple Use

All of these info sooner or later will be useful: Classic example is to check the hour of the day where there is most traffic on a certain item and set Auction to end at that time.

Advanced Use

But you will often see that there are days in the week with more traffic and also days in the month, and crossing data with sales you'll find that the day with most visits it is not the day with most sales.

Different Yardstick

Although we can be 100% sure there is a ground for a report, we know each one has different standards, for this reason when extracting the Bidder Block List, beside Stars Level, you have 8 parameters to refine the list according to your yeardstick.

How to..

Look how's easy to setup

1- Register on jslab

It is Free, and it takes only a couple of minutes: you have only to supply an UserID (not eBay ID!), an email address and allow eBay to confirm us your identity.

2 - Insert our Plugin

You need to add our plugin into all your eBay's listings. It's easy: you only need to copy few lines of code we will supply you at the top of the html description.

3 - Why Manually?

Actually there is no need to do it manually: during registration we offer you to install the plugin in all listing: if you agree, in few minutes (or hours, according to the number of items) jsTrace will be fully active.

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a complete palette of widgets and applications to improve sales and save time

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