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Customer is


But, as you well know, among many good customers there are few 'Opportunist' that exploits and rigs eBay and PayPal rules for their own (unfair) advantage. Threatening negative feedback and low star ratings if you do not accept unreasonable agreements.


Feedback Score

and DSR are vital for your business: few negative feedbacks can be enough to trigger a chain reaction that force you out of the market in few months

jsBlacklist is

The Solution

Reporting and sharing with sellers' community your experience you can avoid these baddies to exploit someone else

R e l i a b l e

Why it is essential

EIASToken Based

Bad Buyers often change Nickname: it's easy.
But EIASToken remains unchanged:
jsBlacklist works with EIASToken

Verified Information

Before accepting a Report, jsBlacklist checks if at least one of the parties has released feedback and that has happened within 90 days

Detailed Reporting

There are Threateners, Opportunists, BlackMailers, Idlers....
You can describe the buyer appointing him up to 4 stars for each of the listed behaviours

jsBlacklist is 100% Free

for registered and unregistered Sellers.
Is Free when you upload a Report, is Free when you Export a Bidder List

The Ground

Why do you need jsBlacklist

Negative Feedback

Aged sellers tell that long time ago Negative feedback was helping them to protect from bad buyers
Actually, Negative Feedback was mainly useful for their soul than for their business: great part of bad buyers could continue to do some damage

Bidder Block List

The ultimate solution is to insert their username into the so called Blacklist, which actual name is Bidder Block List:
eBay allows you to block up to 5000 userID: UserID in the list are not allowed to make offer on your listings

Share Experience

It is reasonable to block a bad buyer, but probably he will not bid on your listing for long time.
While it would be much more useful to block a bad buyer before he can do damages, using the experience of other sellers

Power of Community

Bad Buyers are few but tend to be serial: therefore, probably someone else has already 'met' the guy that want to cheat you.
The more Sellers will decide to share their experience on jsBlacklist, the less Bad Buyers will make damages.

Verified Information

To be useful, reports has to be real.
The checks performed avoid almost all fake Reports, but Registered Users' Report are 100% reliable: That's one of the reasons because you have to register

Different Yardstick

Although we can be 100% sure there is a ground for a report, we know each one has different standards, for this reason when extracting the Bidder Block List, beside Stars Level, you have 8 parameters to refine the list according to your yeardstick.


Service is fully Free


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  • Unlimited Reports
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  • No Hidden Fees
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Registered User

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How to Report Badders

Look how's easy to report a bad buyer

1- Register on jslab

It is Free, and it takes only a couple of minutes: you have only to supply an UserID (not eBay ID!), an email address, select the eBay site where you are registered and allow eBay to confirm us your identity.

2 - Options

To use our widgets and services it is required to install our engine in your listing: if you're interesting in jsBlacklist only you can choose to proceed with 'identity verification only'.

3 - Let's Report!

Click on the jsblacklist button on the left menu, insert the buyer username, and if you have not yet released the feedback the ItemID of the purchased Item.
If you're not registered you need to enter your username too.

4 - Verification

System retrieves seller's and buyer's public information as well as the relative feedbacks. If details are congruent system will show a list of behaviour: yoou can appoint up to four stars for each

5 - Appoint Stars

We emphasize that to be useful Reports has to be fair, accurate and not driven by Revenge!
On these basis you can appoint up to 12 stars totally.

6 - Save and Revision

Do not forget to save your Report.
For Security reason, only registered users can revise or delete Ratings. Read Why

Click here to

Report Now!

Report is accepted, but we strongly reccomend to SIGN UP first


Only if there are no feedbacks for this transaction
Check New

How to Block Bidders

Look how's easy to block bidders

1- Go to jsBlacklist

Select Output. A list of Parameters will appear: Actually are filters you can use to retrieve the list of the baddies complying to your standards.
For first six parameter you can select a range, while last 2 are concerning Status of the Seller: Top Seller on eBay or not, Registered on jslab or not.

2 - Refine List

Fixed the range of the filters, you have to select the minimum level of stars for each behaviour: meaning:
0 Stars: all buyers, 2 Stars all buyers with 2, 3 or 4 stars, 4 stars: only buyers with 4 stars

3 - Extract your own List

Clicking 'GO' will appear 2 lists: one with UserIDs (just for reference) and one with EIASToken values, you can use both, although we suggest you to use EiasToken List.
If Buyers Number is in excess of 5000 we suggest you to refine the search.

4 - Paste the list into eBay

Clicking 'Copy to Clipboad' will select EIASToken list, clicking 'Paste Here' will open (immediately of after login) the BidderBlock page on eBay.
Paste the list into the appropriate form field and Save.

Click here to

Block Bidders Now!

Let's Build a wall for Badders!



Select the minimum Rating required for each behaviour - (not selected=any value).

We are


We create apps and widgets for eBayers

a complete palette of widgets and applications to increase sales and save time


Here some Answers

General Questions

jsBlacklist utility raises with the number of UsersID listed in.
This requires most seller to join and report.
To achieve this, it is vital to make the reporting process as simple as possible and remove as many barries as possible.
We think registration is a small barrier but remains a barrier, expecially at the beginning when Sellers do not know jsBlacklist and jslab
Since to issue a report you need to know SellerID, BuyerID and sometimes also ItemID, and on eBay BuyerID is always obfuscated, really few people besides Seller and Buyer know about the deal, and none of them has a real interest in issuing a (Negative) Report. For these reason also reports issued by unregistered sellers are reliable.
For Security Reason:
While nobody but the Seller is interested in reporting a Buyer, Buyer itself could be interested in removing or amend his report.
He can imagine who reported him, and after few tries could be able to remove or amend his report.
While Registered User do have an extra window where are listed all their reports and from there they can amend their reports.
Yes, you're right.
And, actually, jsBlacklist is not the only free jslab service, but the hidden target of our freebie is to show you our (other) (paid) services, hoping you will subscribe a couple. jsBlacklist is fully free service, and if you want, a gift from a past eBayer to today's eBayers

Technical Questions

Since eBay UserID can be changed every month, eBay needs a unique identifier for each Users: the EIASToken, that is string long 56 characters of a base64 encoded digest of user's details plus secret key
Sure! you can send us an excel/csv file to bulk[at]jslab.nl and we will upload into dataBase.
Please follow the schema shown in the excel file you can download from HERE
Simply click twice on the right-most Star.

Further Questions?

Drop us a line!