The 'click' on eBay is the most important step

but it is only the start for a succesful sale

just after

The Sale

There is a bunch of steps you have to perform before shipping: some are ripetitive, some can lead to mistakes, but all has to be done in the best way and as quick as possible to loyalize customers.

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Once you've


You have to
Check for requests and pass them to competent dept,
Check if payment and Authorize shipment,
Print picking list, Invoice and AWB,
Send Tracking Number to customer and to eBay,
Verify outgoing parcels,
Print Manifest and/or send data to carrier,
Monitoring shipments until delivery.

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The Steps

How we have splitted the process

Process requests

Customers usually send emails for choosing color or size, or change shipping address: you need to process each request and update the order to process it in the right way.

Authorize Shipment

Once received payment you have to check if amount is correct for the selected options considering country of departure and country of arrival, professional or private buyer and many other rules.

Get Tracking Number

Most buyer's request concern the Tracking Number and receipt: jsSale calculate tracking number and automatically load to eBay website and mail the customer, in one click.

Issue Documents

There is a plenty of document to issue and all have to be updated to latest change: jsSale generate LIVE all kind of documents and reports: Picking List, Invoices, AWB, Checklist, Manifest, but does not allow you to print twice some key document like AWB.

Scan Parcels

jsSale helps you avoid shipping mistakes: Forcing you to scan (manually or with barcode scanner) all parcel before shipping you are sure of what has been really collected by carrier

Monitor Shipments

Shipments monitoring is a boring activity, but most bad feedbacks are related to problems during delivery: being informed and informing customers in real time can reduce bad feedback rate.


The way to manage all together

Automate Activities

jsSale automates activities to reduce working time and improve communication with buyers.

Avoid Mistakes

All prints are generated from database: this avoid clerical errors, while other checks will prevent from shipping twice, or other mistakes

Generate Documents

jsSale allow you to print all kind of documents you need (*) for your sale: Picking list, Invoice, AWB, Check List, Manifest: but if you need to generate further documents, like warranty or other, we can add it

Fully Customizable

There are many options you can select, and if required we can further add new fields

See how it works!

Yes, it is as easy as you might think!

Main Features

Why jsMessage is the solution

Made by ebayers

jsSale has been designed by eBayers for the eBayers with main aim to reduce working time automating as much as possible, avoid mistakes and keep customer always informed.

Sale Management

For each sale you can change parameters of the order, of the buyer and shipping address and of the payment, as well as inserting remarks or instructions for the carrier and for the packing station

Automate Activities

With one simple click you generate the Tracking Number, the Invoice, the AWB, you send to eBay the tracking details and mail the customer the Invoice, the tracking Number and the link to follow the shipment.

Print Documents

The several printing options allow you to print exactly what you need. Moreover being all documents supplied in PDF forma, can be mailed and printed remotely

Monitor Shipments

Twice a day, jsSale monitors all undelivered shipments and if are stuck put them into the relative folder, so you can immediately manage it.

Monitor Shipments

Twice a day, jsSale monitors all undelivered shipments and if are stuck put them into the relative folder, so you can immediately manage it.

How To..

Look how's easy to setup

1- Register on jslab

It is Free, and it takes only a couple of minutes: you have only to supply an UserID (not eBay ID!), an email address and allow eBay to confirm us your identity and share some information.

2 - Select your Widgets

Go to shop and select jsMessage and other Widgets/Apps you want to test: Remember for each Widget/App the first full month is 100% free of charge, there is no automatic renewal or any other trick

3 - Click on jsMessage on left Menu

At this time we should have already downloaded latest 60 days of sales and just start to receive from eBay new Messages: you can already start using jsMessage.

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