How long do you spend answering Messages?

and how long it takes you to collect info for the reply?

Answering Messages is for most eBayer's the

Main Activity

but siphoning resources to other activities, it is often the first barrier to further business expansion.

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On the other side

to be Successful

prompt, precise and accurate answers are essential to increase sales and the satisfaction of the customers

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Where you're wasting time

The Place

What do you use to answer to potential buyers' questions? eBay website? Thunderbird, Google Mail or other Mail Reader? All are clearly suitable, but when it comes to efficiency all are quite poor.

FAQ & Auto Answers

Although you spend lot of time to build and mantain a rich Auto Answer Session on eBay, someone didn't notice, while someother want a live confirmation that what stated in FAQ/Auto Answer is effective.


Most customers send mails to choose color, some a further mail to change their choice, someother sends three times the same mail for redundancy: But for every message you have to check if recorded choice is the latest.

Previous Answers

Knowing previous answers can help you to issue a better reply: for example, saving time to find info you already have, avoid answers in sharp contrast, fully understand what is the matter of the deal/claim and so on.

Technical Questions

Sometimes a reply is such specific to require an answer from a technician or an expert (or from the Boss) but he/she is not in: in some circumstances the risk for this question to get lost or answered after days is high.

Missing crucial info

What about when you have already written great part of the reply and discover you're missing an essential info: You can throw away what done or spend time to search for the missing info: none of the option is efficient

Customer's History

When it comes to claims, perhaps it is unfair, but a claim from a regular customer is frequently taken most seriously than a claim from a new customer: This will at least affect the thrust of your answer.

Language Issue

Often messages are is in a different language: perhaps you understand the meaning but not sure how to answer in customer's Language: there's google translator but opening, type, copy and paste... takes time.

Shipping Details

Someone just asks for Tracking details, or the status of the shipping, or invoice and warranty certificate. It's simple and reasonable question but it can takes a quarter of an hour to find the document, scan and send.


The most efficient way to manage messages


Messages are divided into 6 folders: New, Answered, Draft, Boss, Tech, Trash: in this way you can choose from which folder start to answer.

Everything in sigth

jsMessage shows you all relevant info in the same window: Applicant Details, Previous Purchases, Previous Messages received and relative answers this allows you to answer quickly, accurately and effectively

Select by Importance

In Messages Overwiew you are informed if applicant is a new or a recurring customer, ItemID, Title, price, age of message and message itself: in this way you can select the most urgent message to answer


From the same window, if necessary you can modify some fields, like quantity, ItemID, color, Carrier, TotalAmount, ShippingDetails and add remarks for carrier and for Packing facility

See how it works!

Yes, it is as easy as you might think!

Main Features

Why jsMessage is the solution

Made for this purpose

jsMessage is specially designed to answer to eBay messages: from the overview you can decide which is first message to answer, and when answering you have all the valuable information to do it in the best and quickest way.

FAQ Buttons

You can transform an answer into a FAQ button simply clicking a button. And when you need to reuse the text is automatically pasted into the answer box and there you can amend, adapt or integrate to fully answer to the question

All useful info in Sight

jsMessage shows you the details of the buyer*, all the details of all his previous purchases* (items, colors, price, carrier, tracking, status...), all his previous questions* and relative answers to allow you reply quickly and effectively.

Changes and Choices

Customer is asking to change delivery address, quantity, or informing you about his color/size choice, or passing special instructions? simply click on the appropriate field and modify it in no time: you can also add remarks visible only to packing station

Boss & Partial Answers

Does question require Technician or Boss reply? just click on Boss or Tech buttons and message will be moved in the appropriate folder. Same for partial answers: just put into Draft Folder: You or someone else will complete and send later.

International Buyers

Buyer speaking different language? He will appreciate your effort to answer in his language: jsMessage integrates MS Translator: you can translate the question and/or the reply into several languages for even less than 1 cent.

How To..

Look how's easy to setup

1- Register on jslab

It is Free, and it takes only a couple of minutes: you have only to supply an UserID (not eBay ID!), an email address and allow eBay to confirm us your identity and share some information.

2 - Select your Widgets

Go to shop and select jsMessage and other Widgets/Apps you want to test: Remember for each Widget/App the first full month is 100% free of charge, there is no automatic renewal or any other trick

3 - Click on jsMessage on left Menu

At this time we should have already downloaded latest 60 days of sales and just start to receive from eBay new Messages: you can already start using jsMessage.

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