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jsDyn Settings

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Brilliant and

Time Saving

How many times you would have wanted to add a special message to some or to all your listings but you gave up because it would have taken too much time?
jsAlert just need to be set once: it is immediately visible in ALL your listings.

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Powerful &


You can create unlimited Alerts and for each you can set up to 5 filter fields to precisely targetized the destinee of your message

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A complete set of options for any situation

Fully Customizable

You can modify any parameter of the Alert: Font (>1400 fonts), Font Size, Font Color, Background Color, Number of Lines, Blinking Speed and hover text color too!

Extremely Targeted

A wide palette of filters: SellerID, Language,Items and StoreCategory selectors allow you to fully targetize your message


Just set it Once for all your Items: regardless they are 100 or 100.000: When you press 'Save' it is already available in ALL your Listing. And you can change it any time you want


You can also set start date/time and stop date/time:
so you do not risk to show strange or embarassing messages in your listings

More Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more

Dynamic Text

You can write what you want up to 800 characters and 300 pixel height, and modify any parameter when you want.


You can create all the alerts you want:
You can even set a different Alert for each different item!


jsAlert is placed at the beginning of the description: you can place it anywhere adding <div id="jsAlert" ></div> to the wanted position.


ItemID, StoreCategories, LanguageID are the filters that allow to select where a certain jsAlert has to be shown.
Not enough? TitleFilter allows you to select items that contains or not a certain sequence.


Thanks to our Technology and infrastructure, all changes are immediately applied to ALL listing and therefore are immediately visible in any listing complying with your settings and rules.


To Comply with eBay rules that does not allow to fully dynamically modify the offer, the max Height of the widget is limited to 300 px.

How to..

Look how's easy to setup

1- Register on jslab

It is Free, and it takes only a couple of minutes: you have only to supply an UserID (not eBay ID!), an email address and allow eBay to confirm us your identity.

2 - Insert our Plugin

You need to add our plugin into all your eBay's listings. It's easy: you only need to copy few lines of code we will supply you at the top of the html description.

3 - Why Manually?

Actually there is no need to do it manually: during registration we offer you to install the plugin in all listing, but you can choose "manually" and ask later to proceed.

4 - Select your Widgets

Go to shop and select the Widget/s you want to test: Remember for each Widget the first full month is 100% free of charge, there is no automatic renewal or any other trick

5 - Setup the Widget

Create all the widgets you need in the same way as you tested here above, if necessary setup also the filters for a better targetization. that's All!

6 - Test & Care

Visit some of your listing and check if everything's OK. Remember that you can change any parameter of the jsAlert and it will be immediately visible.

We are

a complete palette of widgets and applications to improve sales and save time

Any Doubt?

If you've got any questions, mail us, we will get in touch